Integrative Health Bellingham prides itself in creating a better society, starting with our own community. Our office aligns with local, national and international groups assisting in areas of our expertise as well as fundraising for such good causes.

Our office has a number of ways in which we may work together in fundraising for your non-profit, including providing weight loss programs and donating a dollar per pound lost by your group, providing our services in exchange for a donation to your non-profit, providing gift certificates as a donation to your non-profit auction, etc.

As Dr. Albright’s interest in optimizing brain function, and ┬áhas been a elementary, middle school and college teacher, youth are always on his mind. He has interest in helping with youth athletics and learning disabilities. Dr. Albright’s experience with traumatic brain injury, and having friends and family in the military, he has great interest in assisting veterans, those with traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and mental heath disorders. He is actively seeking becoming a provider for the Veteran’s Administration, and is the only local provider for the Patriot Project. His experience living abroad, studying other cultures, religions and spiritual paths, makes him inclined to help various, churches, temples, synagogues, retreat centers, etc.

If you have interest in fundraising for your group or non-profit, please contact our office to see how we might be able to help you. Let’s see how we might make Bellingham, and Whatcom Country a better place.