Integrative Health Bellingham provides a broad range of injury care services, and will work with insurance companies, on a lien/letter of protection basis with your attorney, or on a self pay basis. Dr. Albright’s education, training, and experience makes it preferable to work with him as it is estimated he has treated over four thousand of automobile & work injury patients while serving as clinic director in a group of multidisciplinary personal injury clinics in the Denver Metro Area since 2003. He is an accredited level 1 physician through the Colorado Division of Worker’s Compensation and has attained Diplomate status from the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals, which focuses on managing motor vehicle accident cases. He is also board eligible in neurology, the training for which included management of mild traumatic brain injuries, vestibular disorders, and clinical neuroscience rehabilitation.

The multi-disciplinary personal injury experience has formed Dr. Albright’s understanding of the specialized care that injury patients require; including a broad array of treatment options and potential referrals when indicated. Working in conjunction with Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathy, Doctors of Physical Therapy, etc. has helped form this view of providing a comprehensive approach to treating, managing and documenting the injured patients’ cases.