Bellingham, WA   Auto Injury Care

Integrative Health Bellingham effectively cares for car crash patients in our Bellingham, WA office, and Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright has years of experience treating whiplash injuries, or Cervical Acceleration Deceleration (CAD) Injuries. During a crash, the forces exerted in such a short period of time that your body is just not able to handle them and is injured often times permanently. While many people are more concerned about fractures of bone, the neck, shoulder, and back receive the brunt of these forces which can actually cause spinal ligament injury. A motor vehicle collision can cause a wide variety of injuries and pain symptoms which can become chronic.

Chiropractic is often considered THE preferred treatment option for auto collision injuries as it can help by reducing inflammation and, hopefully, reduce the likelihood that scar tissue will form. Both of these can result in chronic pain and disability.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright, your Bellingham chiropractor, can help you learn more about how to recover from whiplash pain. You don’t have to suffer. Get the treatment for your auto injury by calling  today at (360) 746-8378..